3-in-1 Pasta Maker Attachment Kitchen Pasta Roller

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Today, we discussed the best Pasta maker attachment kitchen Pasta Roller for KitchenAid Stand Mixer. The Maac Kitchen provides the best appliances for you. The Maac kitchen is a large source of kitchen accessories. It is a collection of kitchen tools and kitchen gadgets. So the best Kitchen Pasta maker attachment kitchen pasta roller for KitchenAid stand mixer is here:

Product Description

Pasta Maker – This 3-in-1 pasta attachment is a perfect match for all KitchenAid stand mixers. You can convert flat sheets to fettuccine or spaghetti with just one attachment for three procedures. There’s no need to replace the roller. This 3-in-1 maker would be more convenient to keep than three individual pasta attachments.

Multifunctional – The pasta maker allows you to prepare multiple batches of homemade noodles. The pasta roller produces 8 various thicknesses of 5.5-inch sheets of pasta. Fresh thick dumplings and thin noodles can be made.

Stainless Steel Construction – The stainless steel construction guarantees that the pasta dough is rolled out smoothly and cleanly. The is also attachment incorporates protective shields to keep the dough sliding around the roller.

Quick and Fast – Attaching, using, and controlling the device is simple with straightforward instructions. Smoothes out the pasta sheets and noodles. Because it is equipped with a cleaning brush, you can clean it extremely quickly.

The pasta attachment may help you save time and effort when churning out masses of pasta for spaghetti, lasagna, or fettuccine, and it’s a terrific gift for anyone who owns a stand mixer that’s a substitute for a KitchenAid.

Product Specification

Product Name Pasta Maker for KitchenAid Stand Mixer
Model None
MPN Does not apply
Marke Markenlos
Type 3 in 1 pasta maker
Size 26*15*5.5CM
Modell 3-in-1
UPC 948364057837
Price US $138.39
Pasta Maker
Pasta Maker


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