Fruit Baskets, Detachable Metal Fruit Basket Bowl for Kitchen Storage

tiered fruit basket
tiered fruit basket

1. Tiered Fruit Basket, Detachable Metal Fruit Basket Bowl for Kitchen Storage, Countertop Fruit Basket Stand Kitchen Storage Counter Dining Room Organizer for Fruits Snacks Bread Basket Vegetables (Gold)

The Tiered Fruit Basket is ideal for storing both fruits and vegetables while also keeping your workspace orderly and taking up minimal counter space. Also, the open wire basket allows more air to circulate, allowing fruits and vegetables to breathe and stay fresh longer. Also, the ideal storage solution for any home complements any style and decor.

Rustproof and thicker, made of stronger metal material with food-safe powder coating, ensuring beauty and durability. Our fruit basket is more stable than others that aren’t screwed together. (Includes screwdriver) Our tool is detachable; it can easily be divided into two baskets, allowing you to utilize it to store a variety of items. Also, this can be carried anywhere thanks to its unique handle design. Picnics, seasonal décor, weddings, and parties are all possibilities. Your counter may be kept orderly with the Two-Tier Basket Organizer. A clean desktop, according to studies, can help you relax. So it’s wonderful to see the fruits arranged in such a neat manner. An excellent tool for storing items around the house.

Fruit Basket
The 2 Tier Fruit Basket, Detachable Metal Fruit Basket Bowl for Kitchen Storage

2. 2 Tier Fruit Storage Basket Countertop for Kitchen, Bread Vegetable Farmhouse Fruit Basket Bowl Stand Detachable Metal Wire Basket with Wooden Handle for Kitchen, Reception, Dining Table(White)

This iron and wooden wire fruit basket with handles make it easy to organize your fruits and veggies. Also, this metal fruit bowl has a mesh design that allows air to organically ripen and keep fruits fresh. Screw-free installation style allows the arms to simply hold the baskets, saving time. Also, it has a nice glossy black finish, is nicely manufactured, and looks great in the kitchen, bathroom, or wherever else! So the upper Side has handles to make it easier to carry or move for cleaning.

It is rust-resistant and safe to use with your produce. Also, this fruit holder is stable and avoids your food from touching the countertop surfaces thanks to its four round feet. The fruit basket’s wire mesh allows air to flow, keeping your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.
The basket’s overall height (including the handle) is 13.2 inches. It’s well-made and strong, and it’s simple to assemble and disassemble. Please contact us via email if you have any questions; we will respond within 24 hours with appropriate solutions.

Fruit Basket
The 2 Tier Fruit Storage Basket Countertop for Kitchen

3. 2 Tiered Fruit Basket for Kitchen Countertop Detachable Metal Wire Fruits Vegetable Storage Bowl Tiered Stand Holder with Banana Hanger for Dining Table Organizer

This fruit basket has a three-in-one design that allows it to be used as a one- or two-layer basket with a banana hanging, or as two independent baskets. You can select the most appropriate method based on your requirements. So large capacity can contain a lot, allowing you to keep your place clean, tidy, and organized.

This dish has three elevated feet to keep the fruit off the table and is clean and hygienic. So the open wire design provides ample ventilation for your fruits and vegetables, allowing them to stay fresh for longer. Can safely store fruits, bread, and snacks. Made of rustproof iron with a BPA-free, food-safe powder coating. It will last a long time because of its solid iron construction and rust-resistant finish. It’s well-made and strong, and it’s simple to assemble and disassemble.

This fruit and vegetable rack is ideal for storing a variety of sizes and types of produce. It’s ideal for keeping a fresh supply of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Not only can you store fruits and vegetables in this multifunctional basket, but also bread, snacks, bath products, makeup, household items, toys, and more.

Fruit Basket
The 2 Tier Fruit Basket for Kitchen Countertop

4. 2-Tiered Fruit Basket Countertop Fruit Bowl Bread Basket Vegetable Holder Storage Stand, Black

The 2-tiered fruit basket holds a lot of vegetables. Use them as two different baskets for veggies or bread if you choose. Also, maintain a clean and orderly countertop. In the kitchen, bathroom, family room, garage, pantry, and other areas, our fruit bowl creates a lovely vertical display of fresh fruits and vegetables on the counter or table, as well as serving as a container for other household items such as bread, snacks, toys, and more.

Featuring an elegant wire design that allows for excellent air circulation, allowing your fruits and veggies to stay fresher for longer. Also, keep your favorites close at hand. Towel dry after wiping clean with a soft, wet cloth. So the strong structure can support a lot of weight, making it ideal for everyday use or entertaining. Easy to put together with screws for added strength and durability. Fruits do not come into direct contact with the table because of the high base. It’s perfect for putting on your kitchen counter or dining table.

Fruit Basket
The 2-Tier Fruit Basket Countertop Fruit Bowl Bread Basket

5. 2 Tiered Fruit Basket, Vegetables Fruit Bowl Storage with Banana Holder Hanger Hook Stand Organizer for Kitchen Countertop Counter, Black

The 2-Tier Basket has a lot of storage capacity to help you keep your counter organized. So ideal for veggies, fruits, coffee pods, bread, and other such items. Multiple assembly methods are possible thanks to the detachable structure, which allows for varying storage requirements. Also, the basket’s load-bearing performance and slip resistance are enhanced with a high-quality and robust metal frame and three globular footpads.

Fruits and vegetables stay fresher for longer thanks to the grid design’s air circulation. Ingredients do not come into contact with the countertop because of the raised footpads. With Amazon’s and Bextcok’s dual after-sales guarantees, you can order Bextcok products with confidence and enjoy a lifetime warranty.

Fruit Basket
2 Tier Fruit Basket, Vegetables Fruit Bowl Storage


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