Wisdom – The World’s First Christian Daily Supplement


Who Developed the Wisdom?

Wisdom was developed by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, a world-renowned chiropractor. He is a numerous patent holder for the healthcare technology, documentary filmmaker, and host of Christ Revealed. He has testified before Congress and the White House Commission on Complementary. Alternative Medicine has been the CEO of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance for over 23 years and has been featured on TV, radio, and Forbes.com. His numerous docuseries have been viewed by millions of people worldwide!

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Ingredients used in Wisdom

Ingredients used in Wisdom
  • Turmeric – Pharmaceutical-quality results without the side effects!
  • Anise – Improves Your Energy by Enriching Your Blood
  • Cinnamon – Immunity-boosting anti-inflammatory
  • Hyssop – Muscular Pain Relief Muscle spasms are relieved.
  • Frankincense – improves your immune system and decreases harmful inflammation
  • Myrrh – Antioxidant that combats free radicals
  • Tulsi – Helps to normalise blood pressure, lipids, and glucose levels by relaxing and calming the mind.
  • Milk Thistle – Help Your Liver Detoxify Your Body

3 Effective Ways To Use Wisdom

  1. Only 1-2 drops each day. Put two little droppers on your tongue at any time during the day.
  2. Add to salads, smoothies, or teas to add flavour. Knowledge has a tasty flavour for adding to dishes or drinks such as healthy smoothies, salads, teas, lemonades, or perhaps your day-to-day coffee.
  3. Apply to your skin before going to bed. Apply on your skin before bed and let it tighten up, renew, and moisturise your skin while you rest.

Benefits of Using Wisdom

  • Wisdom Reduces inflammation and aids in the relief of joint discomfort.
  • Control Your Stress Hormones Giving you calm and tranquillity
  • Rejuvenate Your Skin
  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots by turning back the clock.
  • Assist in the regulation of blood sugar levels
  • As a result, you can defend your body from various health conditions.
  • Cleanse Your Body By nourishing your liver, and you safeguard your family from thousands of hazardous environmental toxins.
  • Fortify The Immune System protects your body typically from foreign bacteria and viruses.
  • Aid in Weight and Metabolism Regulation
  • Fat is burned from your buns, hips, upper arms, and abdomen. Remove desires. Keep illnesses at bay. Encourage Antioxidant Activity, which protects your organs by aiding in the conversion of harmful cost-free radicals into harmless waste.
  • Sustains Muscle and Bone Health, allowing you to participate in your much-loved tasks for many years to find.

It Only Takes 30 Seconds To Transform Your Energy Levels And Revitalize Your Health!

  • It is the globe’s very first herbal supplement based on the Bible. Also, it consists of eight Biblical Herbs, each sustained by years of our study and another premium peer-reviewed scientific research study.
  • Combining these herbs can aid you in balancing tension hormones, strengthening your body’s immune system, controlling your metabolic process, building vital muscular tissues and bones, and a lot more. Numerous Christians have currently gained from the life-altering influence of our herbal supplements.

It Is An All-Natural Christian Supplement That Everyone Can Enjoy

  • Individual on the Move – Perfect for people on the run who want more energy, less stress, and a boost to their immune system.
  • Active seniors – Aids reduce joint inflammation, revitalises the skin, and normalises blood sugar and blood pressure for many more healthy and vigorous years.
  • Fitness Fanatics – It helps regulate your metabolism, soothes muscular soreness, and improves circulation, making it ideal for workout enthusiasts.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wisdom

What Is the Taste of Wisdom? Is it Delicious?

Wisdom tastes impressive because we utilise such rich essential oils – even if we don’t use any stevia or sweetness.

Wisdom can be added to salads, teas, drinks, and other foods to improve their health and taste.

How Should I Interpret Wisdom? Take one to two droppers of Wisdom every day for optimal benefits.

Wisdom can also be added to meals, salads, drinks, and teas.

You can even apply it to your skin before going to bed to decrease wrinkles and other imperfections.

Can I Purchase Wisdom in Stores? Here’s why the answer is no.

We’ve eliminated the middlemen and delivered Wisdom directly to your door to maintain our excellent quality while keeping pricing cheap.

And, thanks to our unique new customer discount, you can stock up on Wisdom for the lowest price we’ve ever provided!



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